About Us

This website is made for you. Here You can see my nice pictures of Mollusca even you can choice from my rare snails.

Maybe this is the biggest private Clausiliidae Collection which contains more than 1350 taxon of Family Clausiliidae.

Feel free to write us if you want to buy, sell or exchange species of Clausiliidae or other species of landsnails.( erosspeter et hotmail.com )

I collect snails from 1972 so my collection is quiet big.

The biggest part of my collection is material from Balkan Peninsula, but you can find Species Turkey and W-Europe too.

Maybe the most valuable part is my Paratypes Collection with more than 330 taxon.

Some of them e.g. Genus Montenegrina and Family Cochlostomatidae and many other species is exchangeable or you can buy it too.


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